Honor the Kemp's ridley as the official State Sea Turtle of Texas

The endangered Kemp's ridley sea turtle relies on Texas beaches and offshore feeding habitat for its survival. Its story over the last four decades is one of deadly hardship and hopeful recovery. Together with Carole Allen, our Gulf of Mexico Director, students in Texas have successfully introduced a bill to create a law to name the Kemp's ridley the official State Sea Turtle of Texas!

This emblematic species represents past triumphs and the need for continued diligence in our conservation work. Kemp's ridleys have survived catastrophic oil spills and assault from shrimp trawlers that brought them to the brink of extinction. Thanks to conservation efforts in Texas and Mexico, these endangered sea turtles are now on a road to recovery.

Take action below and sign our general petition to be used at strategic times to show the nation-wide support of Texas' Kemp's ridley sea turtles!

Texas voting residents should contact their Legislators directly! Click here to can take action if you are a Texas resident.

Dear Legislators and Honorable Governor Perry,

I strongly support the House Concurrent Resolution to name the Kemp's ridley (Lepidochelys kempii) the official State Sea Turtle of Texas (HCR 31). This bill serves to honor the Texans that have led recovery efforts for this endangered sea turtle and to bring increased awareness and recognition to this special species in Texas.

This Kemp's ridley is the perfect fit as "Texas' sea turtle" as it will draw attention to the great biological diversity of the state's landscape and to highlight creatures who are unique to or closely identified with the state. Many of the millions of tourists who visit Texas beaches and support Texas' economy do so to see the Kemp's ridley sea turtles during nesting season and when their baby hatchlings are released into the sea.

The Kemp's ridley is a remarkable creature and part of an inspiring conservation success story. Following an alarming population decline from the 1940-1960s, the Kemp's ridley teetered on the brink of extinction and was placed on the Endangered Species List in 1970. Since then, they have made a heroic recovery due to the combined actions of Texas organizations, universities, and non-profits like the Sea Turtle Restoration Project and Sea Turtle Inc. working in concert with international recovery efforts.

I urge you to support HCR 31 to designate the Kemp's ridley sea turtle the official State Sea Turtle of Texas and honor this noble animal as a fitting symbol of the Lone Star State.

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