End Smoking at State Beaches to Reduce Plastic Pollution

California Assemblyman Richard Bloom (D-Santa Monica) has introduced a bill, AB 1142, to restrict smoking from California State Park beaches. This action would effectively reduce the amount of cigarette waste in California that could become litter in the ocean. This photo to the right shows an innocent sandpiper nibbling away at a discarded cigarette butt on the beach - a potentially harmful encounter.

The ocean is polluted with plastic waste, and cigarette butts are among the most toxic of all plastic items encountered by wildlife. They are made of plastic cellulose and packed with carcinogens adsorbed as a byproduct of burning tobacco.

Pacific leatherback sea turtles are declining towards extinction and rely on clean, plastic-free feeding areas offshore of California for their continued survival. Californians have honored the leatherback sea turtle and must now take action to protect its critical habitat feeding area by supporting AB 1142.

Please share this call to action with friends, family, and all your contacts in California!

Not a California resident? Please click here to sign in support of the effort on our general petition to ban plastic bags, which will be delivered at strategic times to show nation-wide support.

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