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  • Tell Texas to Save Sea Turtles in the Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill

    Four years after the devastating Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill, U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier, has ruled BP was "grossly negligent" in their actions before, during and after the spill.

    Unfortunately, the most endangered sea turtle, the Kemp’s ridley, was hit the hardest by the spill. Nearly 500 Kemp’s ridley sea turtles were found dead during the spill and this total does not include turtles that perished undetected.

    The oil from the spill has threatened every stage of a sea turtle’s life, and for the past three years we have recorded a decline in the number of nesting Kemp’s ridley. It is not clear how widespread or long lasting the effects of the spill will be on turtles, but it is clear that they need our help. 

    Tens of thousands of sea turtles were located in coastal waters within the surface oil and exposed to the oil. Sea turtles also suffered the loss of important foraging and nesting habitats.

    To date Texas has not dedicated any funds for sea turtle rehabilitation or restoration projects.  It is imperative that Texas recognize the perilous status of this endangered animal.  I call on you to personally TAKE ACTION to ensure that funds are dedicated for the recovery of the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle.

    Please sign our petition and call on Commissioner Toby Baker to provide funding to save the Kemp’s ridley sea turtles from extinction.

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  • Save Dugongs & Coral Reef in Japan


  • Tell Governor Jindal to Revoke the Outlaw Shrimper's Permit and enforce federal TEDs laws
  • Tell Governor Jindal to Revoke the Outlaw Shrimper's Permit and enforce federal TEDs laws

    Federal laws to protect sea turtles in Louisiana waters are being willfully unenforced by LA Governor Bobby Jindal. A culture of outlaw shrimping has ensued, endangering untold numbers of endangered Kemps ridley sea turtles. Here is one tragic example:

    Recently in Louisiana, a shrimper named Herman Williams, Jr. was penalized by federal judge Karen Wells Roby for sewing shut the "sea turtle escape hatch" in his shrimp net. His penalty: A $10 fine!

    A fine of just $10, even though he risked the lives of untold sea turtles…

    Even though the "escape hatch," called a Turtle Excluder Device, is a sea turtle protection required by federal law...

    Even though Williams’ first violation for failing to have a TED originally received a $15,000 fine, and he was expected to be given a $25,000 fine and jail time for the second violation...

    Even though he admitted he was guilty!

    Louisiana’s terrible record of ignoring law-breaking shrimpers contributed to this judge’s ridiculous decision.

    Please sign the petition below and tell Governor Jindal to revoke Williams' permit and start enforcing federal TEDs laws.

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    We all need to oppose a bill, AB 2075, that allows Louisiana to sell alligator and crocodile products in California. This is an outrage given Louisiana's backwards stance on sea turtle protection. Who really needs to wear belts, boots or vests made from alligator or crocodile skins anyway? Take Action! Tell your California state Senator and Assemblymember to Vote NO on AB 2075.

    AB 2075 extends poor public policy which legalizes commerce that endangers protected alligators and crocodiles, and contributes to inhumane treatment of animals. California must not waive its strong environmental laws for Louisiana, a state with weak endangered species and animal protection policies that fall far short of California's.

    Why AB 2075 is a Bad Bill for Endangered Species

    • Current California state law prohibits the importation of the dead body or parts of specific wildlife that are critically endangered by the global wildlife trade, including alligators and crocodiles.
    • These protections ensure that Californians do not contribute or participate in commercial trade in endangered and threatened species.
    • Nearly two dozen species of alligators and crocodiles are listed as threatened or endangered.
    • Skins of alligators and crocodiles that are taken from animals farmed in Louisiana or elsewhere must attach numbered non-reusable tags. But finished products like shoes, purses, belts, do not retain those tags.
    • Without a way to trace the hides to the end product, Californians could end up purchasing items made from wild-caught endangered animals.
    • Louisiana has a terrible record on protecting endangered sea turtles by failing to enforce federal regulations requiring use of Turtle Excluder Devices in its shrimp fleet. As a result Louisiana shrimp is on the Seafood Watch "red" list to be avoided.

    Photo Credit: USA, Everglades National Park - American Crocodile National Park Service Photo © Rodney Cammauf.

  • Keep Sea Turtles Safe in the South China Sea and Beyond!
  • URGENT: Speak Out Today to End CA Driftnets & Support AB 2019!

    It’s time to stop whales, dolphins, sea turtles, sharks and thousands of fish from needlessly drowning in driftnets along the California coast — once and for all.

    *Note: If your assemblymember sits on the Water & Parks Wildlife Committee you will be able to send an email directly to them.

  • Tell California to End Driftnets - Protect Whales, Dolphins and Turtles

  • Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull


  • Pledge to Eat Only Turtle-Safe Seafood

    Around the world every day, industrial fishing takes sealife out of the ocean for restaurants, grocery stores, and our dinner tables.

    These fisheries use billions of hooks and thousands of miles of nets in the ocean to catch wild fish, but they also catch innocent sea turtles, whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife every day. 

    Swordfish and tuna caught with longlines and drift gillnets kill thousands of sea turtles and sharks by accident each year.

    The highest bycatch fishery in the United States is the shrimp trawl fishery, responsisble for 98 percent of all bycatch.

    The Louisiana shrimp fleet is the biggest U.S. shrimp fishery and is the only state with a law that bans the enforcement of federal laws requiring Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs). As a result, Seafood Watch has put Louisiana shrimp on its red list and to be avoided.

    Even worse, now seafood eco-labels are being granted to some of the most high bycatch fisheries around in the name of seafood profits. The Marine Stewardship Council is labeling every fishery in sight as sustainable so that giant chain stores can bluewash their seafood counters and make millions in profits.

    If you care about healthy ocean life, please take the pledge below to not to eat or purchase Louisiana shrimp, swordfish, or tuna. 

  • Tell California to End Driftnets - Protect Whales, Dolphins and Turtles


  • Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull

    Please join the world’s shark conservation community in telling Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett that you don’t support his misguided shark mitigation policy.

    Several fatal shark encounters in Western Australian waters in the last few years has prompted Premier Barnett to wrongly conclude that the only way to prevent fatal shark bites is to indiscriminately kill sharks. Drum lines have been set to catch and kill any shark over 3 meters. This includes the great white shark, which is currently a threatened species. More than 4,500 people protested against this cruel policy in just one day, but Barnett refuses to budge on his wrong-headed decision. One shark has already been killed and the drum lines are set to kill many more. 

    The letter below will be delivered to Premier Barnett to urge him to stop this inhumane and illogical shark mitigation policy. Please join us in our support of sharks.


    Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett

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  • Tell Governor Jindal that the time is right to reverse Louisiana's outdated laws


  • Pacific Leatherback Conservation Pledge


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  • Ban Longlines in Gulf of Mexico Bluefin Tuna Spawning Areas


  • Save Endangered Sea Turtles from Guatemala Shrimp Trawls


  • Take Action to Stop Extinction!