Save Whales & Dolphins from the Secret Massacre off our California Coast

Did you know that the California driftnet fishery for swordfish continues to capture, harm and sometimes kill sperm whales, sea turtles, sharks, whales, dolphins and sea lions? This California fishery of fewer than 20 boats is among the worst 20 percent of all fisheries globally.

This deadly fishery tosses back, dead and damaged, almost two-thirds of its catch, so for every fish caught two are tossed back to the ocean. One animal in five caught by this fishery is listed as “Threatened” on the Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.

The secret massacre off our California coast and slaughter of marine life is tolerated only to allow an economically marginal fishery to continue, even while costing taxpayers more than the value of the fish.

Take Action! Tell the California Senate that you care about endangered sperm whales and sea turtles and ask them to take action to close this deadly drift net fishery once and for all.

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