Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull

Please join the world’s shark conservation community in telling Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett that you don’t support his misguided shark mitigation policy.

Several fatal shark encounters in Western Australian waters in the last few years has prompted Premier Barnett to wrongly conclude that the only way to prevent fatal shark bites is to indiscriminately kill sharks. Drum lines have been set to catch and kill any shark over 3 meters. This includes the great white shark, which is currently a threatened species. More than 4,500 people protested against this cruel policy in just one day, but Barnett refuses to budge on his wrong-headed decision. One shark has already been killed and the drum lines are set to kill many more. 

The letter below will be delivered to Premier Barnett to urge him to stop this inhumane and illogical shark mitigation policy. Please join us in our support of sharks.


Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett

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Number Date Name Location
1196 6 months ago Nichole O'Connor US
1195 6 months ago Raewyn Aragu Cairns, AU
1194 6 months ago Mark Nowak Newton St Cyres, GB
1193 6 months ago sasha batchelor tonbridge, GB+G5 , GB I hate shark poachers/poaching
I want them to not be endangered
1192 6 months ago Antonino Iaccarino Ferny hills, AU
1191 6 months ago Francesco Travisani Rome, IT+07 , IT
1190 6 months ago Candy Foo MY
1189 6 months ago Candy Foo MY
1188 6 months ago federica bracciotti ot ,
1187 6 months ago Jennifer Reid Port Moody, CA
1186 6 months ago Kate Sedgley VIC , AU Us humans destroy everything we touch on this planet! Stop the cull
1185 6 months ago Nathan Coakley SYdney, AU Sharks generally attack due to mistaken identity or scared/hungry. If someone came in to your home unannounced early one morning, wouldn't you fight back
1184 6 months ago Rebekah Matko Melbourne, VIC , AU
1183 6 months ago Julia Mclaughlin
1182 6 months ago Ebony Norman NSW , AU
1181 6 months ago Alicia Louise Kuala Lumpur, MG
1180 6 months ago Gus Standen Sydney, NSW , AU
1179 6 months ago Sophia Koo Eltham, ot , AU
1178 6 months ago Nick Anastasi Canberra, ACT , AU
1177 6 months ago Abigail Bridges
1176 6 months ago Ashley Kaur Kuala Lumpur, MY+12 , MY I absolutely hate the the cruelty of killing such animals like that who only killed a handful number of humans. I mean if they're extinct, what would happen to the other sea creatures? They would be...
1175 6 months ago Gurjeet Singh S, MY Sharks should be saved.
1174 6 months ago Har Rai Singh Malaysia ,
1173 6 months ago Judith Gallardo ES+56 , ES
1172 6 months ago Asis Reet Kaur Kuala Lumpur, MY+14 , MY Sharks are such beautiful creatures. Their species are now facing extinction because of us humans. We should protect from extinction and not kill them just like them. They don't kill many humans in ...
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