Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull

Please join the world’s shark conservation community in telling Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett that you don’t support his misguided shark mitigation policy.

Several fatal shark encounters in Western Australian waters in the last few years has prompted Premier Barnett to wrongly conclude that the only way to prevent fatal shark bites is to indiscriminately kill sharks. Drum lines have been set to catch and kill any shark over 3 meters. This includes the great white shark, which is currently a threatened species. More than 4,500 people protested against this cruel policy in just one day, but Barnett refuses to budge on his wrong-headed decision. One shark has already been killed and the drum lines are set to kill many more. 

The letter below will be delivered to Premier Barnett to urge him to stop this inhumane and illogical shark mitigation policy. Please join us in our support of sharks.


Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett

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1289 9 months ago Justin Martins Bankstown, NSW , AU
1288 9 months ago Ryan Gellatly Sydney , AU
1287 9 months ago Viktoria Sisak Sydney, NSW , AU
1286 10 months ago Corrinne Farlow QLD , AU Stop the demonizing and exploitation of our sharks.

They are a vital part of our oceans eco system and they are so low down on the list of threats to human life that it is ridiculous to or...
1285 11 months ago jessica parker Galveston , TX , US Save our sharks!!!!
1284 11 months ago Molly Turvey GB
1283 11 months ago Rachelle Threadgate NSW , AU How would you like it if someone said "Lure and Kill him" it would hurt. We need our sharks in our environment, you may not think so but if you want our oceans to be safe and healthy to swim in YOU ...
1282 11 months ago Megan Jenkins Devon, GB Please don't kill sharks. If not for the shark, do it for the human race, as It will affect the oxygen on the planet
1281 11 months ago Laura Smith
1280 12 months ago Rosemberg Caviedes St Leonard's , NSW , AU
1279 12 months ago Lillian Hutt Bucks, GB
1278 12 months ago Milaydis Marquez Miami, FL , US
1277 12 months ago Renee Twort QLD , AU Watch a movie called Sharkwater.
Culling sharks is Appling. Humans are not on their food chain.
1276 12 months ago Tamie Swan Canton, NY , US
1275 12 months ago India Sterling-fidler VIC , AU
1274 12 months ago Phil Gentry
1273 1 year ago astrid suchanek Rostock, ot , DE
1272 1 year ago Jasmine Eddy langley, BC , CA
1271 1 year ago shiho Kamata Toronto, CA
1270 1 year ago ABBY BALDWIN ot , GB
1269 1 year ago Amy West GB+43 , GB STOP CULLING SHARKS!! The water is their home, we are the ones invading! We survive on land and choose to swim, they have no choice - they only survive in water! Leave them ALONE!
1268 1 year ago Rebecca Clarke Craigieburn, VIC , AU
1267 1 year ago Jenny Hingtgen Jesup, IA , US
1266 1 year ago Robyn Pedlar Johannesburg, ZA
1265 1 year ago Ashlee Pham NSW , AU
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