Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull

Please join the world’s shark conservation community in telling Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett that you don’t support his misguided shark mitigation policy.

Several fatal shark encounters in Western Australian waters in the last few years has prompted Premier Barnett to wrongly conclude that the only way to prevent fatal shark bites is to indiscriminately kill sharks. Drum lines have been set to catch and kill any shark over 3 meters. This includes the great white shark, which is currently a threatened species. More than 4,500 people protested against this cruel policy in just one day, but Barnett refuses to budge on his wrong-headed decision. One shark has already been killed and the drum lines are set to kill many more. 

The letter below will be delivered to Premier Barnett to urge him to stop this inhumane and illogical shark mitigation policy. Please join us in our support of sharks.


Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett

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Number Date Name Location
1000 3 months ago Lia Valdez Toronto, ON , CA Sharks are vital for a healthy ocean!
999 3 months ago Tracey Hely North Gosford, AU Please stop this outrageous action.... we need sharks as part of our marine life!!!
998 3 months ago Graham Rigo ot , AU Fund research and other non-destructive deterrents, Not culling!
997 3 months ago Stephanie McNulty East perth, AU It is devastating when a human dies at the jaws of a shark, however, it is not the intention of the shark to kill HUMANS. they are predators, just like lions, just like tigers, just like us humans, ...
996 3 months ago Brodie Merchant Sydney, ot , AU
995 3 months ago Martin Thörne
994 3 months ago Bryan Lanken Pittsburgh, PA , US
993 3 months ago Caitlin Joyce PA ,
992 3 months ago jen wardle thornlie, WA , AU
991 3 months ago Pamela Rogal ot , AU Stop this! What is WRONG with you???
990 4 months ago julie brown ot , GB
989 4 months ago Alicia Godreau Kissimmee, FL , US
988 4 months ago Aasiyah Hernandez oldsmar, FL , US
987 4 months ago Romana Topic Tarneit, ot , AU Sharks are an important part of the eco system. Culling sharks would create irrevesible devastating consequences for our environment and would be a devastating loss for our future generations. Thes...
986 4 months ago Sabrina Rodriguez Miami , FL , US
985 4 months ago debi row apple valley, CA , US
984 4 months ago Jessica Trujillo CA , US
983 4 months ago John Hayton AU
982 4 months ago Kali Buchholz Berwick, ot , AU Sharks are essential to maintaining a healthy and balanced marine environment, it's outrageous to be wasting millions on slaughtering them when it should be put to conserving them. Sharks do not tar...
981 4 months ago Emma Rose AU Called a menace because it's in it's natural habitat. Just crazy!
980 4 months ago Patrick Dunn Sydney , ot , AU Protect these vital animals. This is disgraceful, the ocean is their home, not ours.
979 4 months ago The Ungers easton, PA , US
978 4 months ago toni siegrist boston, MA , US
977 4 months ago Jenna Miles Dartmouth, NS , CA
976 4 months ago Janice Barnes New Orleans, LA , US This is unbelievable; killing sharks in their habitat to allow swimming and surfing!?
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