Stop the Western Australia Shark Cull

Please join the world’s shark conservation community in telling Western Australian Premier Colin Barnett that you don’t support his misguided shark mitigation policy.

Several fatal shark encounters in Western Australian waters in the last few years has prompted Premier Barnett to wrongly conclude that the only way to prevent fatal shark bites is to indiscriminately kill sharks. Drum lines have been set to catch and kill any shark over 3 meters. This includes the great white shark, which is currently a threatened species. More than 4,500 people protested against this cruel policy in just one day, but Barnett refuses to budge on his wrong-headed decision. One shark has already been killed and the drum lines are set to kill many more. 

The letter below will be delivered to Premier Barnett to urge him to stop this inhumane and illogical shark mitigation policy. Please join us in our support of sharks.


Western Australia's Premier Colin Barnett

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1057 3 months ago Gabriel Perez chula vista, CA , US Sharks play a role in this world
without them, the marine world will fall.
1056 4 months ago Dana Arber Ballarat, AU Honestly,in my opinion, the only thing scarier than having an ocean full of sharks, is having an ocean wihtout them.
1055 4 months ago rachel servis
1054 4 months ago Ayesha Al Fahim Abu Dhabi, AE
1053 4 months ago lauren munro
1052 4 months ago Samantha Rankin Vermont South, AU
1051 4 months ago Kathryn Psaila Melbourne, ot , AU
1050 4 months ago Raffaella Di Cesare Cronulla, ot , AU As responsible adults, we should be teaching our children and others to respect nature, not destroy it
1049 4 months ago Rachael Warncke Sunbury, ot , AU We are going into their homes and their environment. We are also destroying their environments through dredging, net fishing and boating. Culling them is just making the situation worse. Sharks in o...
1048 4 months ago Krysia Roberts Quirindi, AU
1047 4 months ago Pernille Hocke Fredensborg, DK
1046 4 months ago Emma Hocke Fredensborg, ot , DK
1045 5 months ago simone kealy cranebrook, ot , AU
1044 5 months ago Tomas Kovacic Bratislava, ot , SK
1043 5 months ago Sahya Haria KE Protect sharks..
Protect our marine ecosystem
1042 5 months ago Cristyn Franks Singleton, ot , AU
1041 5 months ago Alexis Cabral Bakersfield, CA , US
1040 5 months ago Agnes Castilloux Potton, QC , CA Sharks play a vital role in maintaining the balance of the oceans Eco systems. To remove them will greatly disturb the fragile balance of all life underwater and pose a great threats for humans as ...
1039 5 months ago Martin Oliver South Lismore, ot , AU
1038 5 months ago Lewis Brooke ot , AU Wow Your heaps cool, hmmm yea lets keep killing sharks, lets ruin our ecosystem, yea super smart.
Maybe stop the culling! Now!
1037 5 months ago Zephan Wood
1036 5 months ago Hailey Peters CA I am helping raise awareness in my home town, i am really passionate about this fragile subject. i hope my submitting this helps!
1035 6 months ago marcos torres ES
1034 6 months ago shelby gregory CA , US
1033 6 months ago Sascha Koloss Marl, OH , DE
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